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  • NUM:TX001160630CA Country:Canada;Addressee:Miss Lili

    I sent from Canada, and then four days to Qingdao, China, the goods are intact, I am very satisfied with the freight, this international express company is very good, the next time they will find them.

    2016-9-22 18:29:10
    LEXIANG REPLY:Thank you very much for the evaluation of you, we will continue to do service.
    2016-9-22 18:31:08
  • NUM:TX003456450US Country:New York;Addressee:Mr LI Qiang

    I send the goods from New York, five days to Yantai, the speed is very fast, very good, an international express company

    2016-9-22 18:19:39
    LEXIANG REPLY:Thank you for your support! We will continue to strive to do better!
    2016-9-22 18:20:23
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